Student Records

Transcripts, Records or Certificates

In order to provide appropriate instruction and educational services, the Abbotsford School District maintains pertinent information on students and their families. Student records are available and accessible to appropriate school personnel, parents or legal guardians of school-age students or to the students in accordance with the School Act. All individual student records maintained by the  Abbotsford School District are confidential, including individual addresses and telephone numbers. The Superintendent or his delegate ensures the proper administration of student records as noted in AP 112 - Student Data - Storage & Retrieval

Student Transcripts

Ordering Transcripts from the Ministry of Education

Individuals can order transcripts directly from the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education will only have your transcript of marks for a BC graduation program if you were a student who:

  • Graduated after 1985 in BC or Yukon Territory;
  • Completed a Grade 12 course after 1985; and
  • Attended Grade 12 prior to 1974 in the University Entrance or Academic-Technical Program.

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Ordering Student Records from the Abbotsford School District

Some school records or certificates can be obtained directly from your graduating school or the Abbotsford School District. This is the case for students who:

  • Graduated (or would have graduated) between January 1974 and December 1985;
  • Did not attend Grade 12;
  • Did not receive their certificate when they graduated;
  • Attended Grade 12 prior to 1974 and not in the University Entrance or Academic-Technical Program; and
  • Require a Yukon Territory certificate.

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