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Virtual Talent Show

Upper Sumas’ Got Talent!

We’re not letting COVID stop us from shining bright…Get ready for our VIRTUAL TALENT SHOW coming the week of June 7th. The year-end talent show is a highlight at Upper Sumas. As we cannot audition, practice & perform like we have done in the past, we are going to try a new format this year with two different options. Both will result in a talent show video that will be shared with the school community.

*Participation in the Virtual Talent Show is optional, at child & parent’s discretion.

Option 1: At Home

  • Identify a special talent & practice at home. Record your talent performance and send the video file to uppersumas [at] (subject: Talent%20Show%20Submission) by the deadline of Friday, June 4th. This is a great option for talents involving sports/athletics or musical instruments.

Option 2: At School

  • Identify a special talent that you can practice at school. Rehearsal time will be provided over several lunch hours and students will be kept within their learning groups. Staff will record the talent performance at school the week of May 31st-June 4th. This is a great option for talents easily performed at school, such as singing, dancing and comedy routines.


Monday, May 3rd:

  • Talent Show participation permission forms sent home

May 4th-28th:

  • Practice talent at home OR
  • Practice sessions held at school

Week of May 31st-June 4th:

  • Video file submission deadline
  • Send videos to: uppersumas [at] (subject: Talent%20Show%20Submission)

Week of June 7th-11th:

  • All recordings compiled into one, large performance video
  • Virtual Talent Show video will be viewed in classrooms and shared with families


  • Talent Show participation permission form signed and returned to school by Friday, May 7th
  • Photo/video consent form must be signed and on file at school (check with office if unsure, most students have this consent signed)
  • Performance must be kept under 3 minutes
  • Any song/lyrics used must be “kid” & “school” friendly
  • NO lip syncing

And For at-home performances:

  • Record “landscape” (long length) not “portrait” (phone upright) for best video playback
  • Ensure sound and image quality of video is good before submitting
  • Recordings must be sent in a sharable/downloadable format. Please do not send as a YouTube link.


There are many talents! Singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, playing instruments, hula hoop/skipping routines, martial arts, gymnastics, magic shows, and the list goes on!

Please direct questions to the office at: uppersumas [at] (subject: Talent%20Show) .

Current until: Friday, May 14th, 2021
Posted: Wednesday, May 13th, 2020