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Upper Sumas Families Read

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

As a school community our focus is always on how we can best support and work together with students and families. This past spring we launched a new initiative called Upper Sumas Families Read, to encourage families to "unplug" and spend some time reading and talking to each other...and maybe getting a little creative!

How it Works: Each family will be gifted with their own copy of a childhood classic to keep. Every week we will email out a question or topic for families to discuss. The hope and intention is that as a family you can sit, read together and talk a little bit about what you're reading. This isn't mean to be an onerous task, but rather one that can bring you together for a short time each week.

Upper Sumas Families Read new book selection is The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Born to ride! The Mouse and the Motorcycle is the first installment in an award-winning series that follows an adventurous mouse named Ralph who discovers a special motorcycle. Some students may already be familiar with the story. This is ok! Re-reading familiar stories, especially together, allows for more time spent on deeper connections to the story. The Mouse and the Motorcycle is a story to be enjoyed by all ages. Primary students will love to hear their caring adults or older siblings reading aloud to them. Intermediate students can practice their reading skills by taking turns reading aloud to their family.

Chapters 5 & 6 (February 22-28)

This week we will be reading Chapters 5 & 6!

Follow Along:

Is reading tough? Is English a challenge? Don’t have time to read aloud to your primary child? Just like to hear someone else read aloud? No need to worry!  Click on the link to listen along with Mrs. Epp as she reads Chapter 5 & Chapter 6.

Family Activities:

Create a reading space. Pop some popcorn. Sit with your child(ren) and enjoy your first chapter of reading. Your child may have heard this book already, but they have not heard your connections or experience with it. Enjoy it together!


If you were a mouse, what are the top three things you would be afraid of?
If you could order anything from room service, what would you order?

Weeky 2 Video Chapters & Discussion Questions (Feb 15-21)

Chapter 3
Chapter 4

If you were Keith, what would you do if you found a mouse hiding in your garbage can?
Keith and Ralph are able to understand each other. What animal do you wish you could talk with? Why?

Week 1 Video Chapters & Discussion Questions (Feb 8-14)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

If you could name your own pet mouse, what would you name it?
Art Idea: Let’s get creative! Design your own vehicle for a mouse. Bring a picture of your design to be posted on a bulletin board at school! 





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Posted: Monday, November 2nd, 2020