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Important Dates to Note

Aug 30-Sep 3-Our school office will be open from 9:00-1:00 pm each day this week
Sep 3-Class lists will be posted in the late afternoon 
Sep 3-Friday email reminder-check your inbox for important events coming up next week! All our events are also posted on our website and app.
Sep 7-First day of school 1/2 day for grades 1-5 (8:55-12:08 pm). Bussing students will be picked up 3 hours earlier than their regularly scheduled afternoon pick-up time. 
Sep 7-Kindergarten students-check your individual gradual entry schedule from the package you received in the summer!

Check out our 2021-22 bell schedule!

Connect With Our School
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Familiarize yourself with our website and app so you don't miss important events and deadlines. Check your inbox on Fridays and follow the link to our newshub for detailed information on our school events. 
All important events and deadlines are posted on our school website, available on our app, published to Facebook and emailed out on Fridays. Make sure to stay informed by utilizing one of our many information mediums for details on our important school events.

School Supplies

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Peanut & Tree Nut Free

Due to students who are severely allergic to nuts (both tree nuts and peanuts), we are asking that you do not send to school any food items that contain nuts and/or peanuts for lunch or snacks.

Pay for School Fees Online

 Fee Payment ProceduresRegister for SchoolCashOnline
*Planner fees will be posted at the end of August and are due by Sep 21st.

Bussing to and from School

Need to register for bussing or have questions?
Bus Information
Students that have registered and received confirmation of for first day of school bussing information. Remember to be at your stop 5 minutes early and allow for delays during the first week of school.

Parent & Student Handbook

Please take some time to read our handbook for valuable information pertaining to our school. A copy will be placed in the front of your child's planner.
Parent/Student Handbook

Parking Lot Reminders

Please note where our parent parking lots are located and what areas are designated as No Parking Zones and Staff Parking.
Parking at Upper Sumas 

Need to Register While We Are Closed For Summer?

Registration Information
Please note: If you submit a registration package electronically and it's incomplete, you will receive an email or phone call once we re-open during the week of August 30th and will need to provide any missing documents before being added to our registration list.


Contact our school during our regular office hours by email or phone.

P: 604.852.3900
uppersumas [at] (Email Us)




Current until: Tuesday, September 7th, 2021
Posted: Monday, June 29th, 2020